What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO simply means, Search engine Optimization. SEO is a process that is designed to get your website a higher rank in the search engine index. Before choosing a quality SEO agency, you should first do some research on what is SEO .

But, What is SEO?

SEO comes in to forms. On page Search Engine Optimization and off page Search Engine Optimization. Both are equally important, Ying and Yang, you cannot have one without the other- especially if you are hungry for results.

what is seo
what is seo

On Page Optimisation Consists of the elements of the website pages. Google is intelligent enough to interpret the content on your website, this is why grammar and sentence structure is extremely important, your content needs to flow and be readable for a human while linking to the theme of your website. Keywords are the bread and butter when it comes to SEO, they will make or break your desired ranking. Keywords should be placed into your text, not saturated, the meta and alt data should be balanced enough for the search engine to prioritize your website over others.

Off Page optimization is the final link in an unfinished chain, linking your website to relevant pages is extremely important. When using a high traffic website careful content selection is key when using it to point to your website. This essentially will prioritize your website over others.

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