What is LSI / Latent Semantic Indexing?

What is lsi

what is lsi

LSI is the child of SEO, it let’s you use your established keywords to build new keywords usually branch to 2 or 3 word variations of the original. These words appear to occur naturally in your content.

The priority on LSI keyword density has significantly increased due to the recent search algorithm updates, to cut to the point: it’s no longer enough to put single or primary keywords in your content, you need to form sentences that make sense and appear natural.

what is lsi parramatta seo
what is lsi parramatta seo


A good strategy for using the correct density or balance of LSI keywords when trying to get into the top 10 results for the primary keyword you want to rank; simply type in the key word into google- the search recommendations will show you exactly what google thinks to be the best match for the content about that keyword.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to firstly draft your content in a word processing document –keeping your primary keywords in mind, let them flow naturally, finish writing your content- then do the keyword check in google (see above) and make the adjustments as needed to make the LSI density appropriate.

If you are still unsure about keywords, you can check out my previous blog post about seo.


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