The Witness SEO Package

Some of the best SEO Services Sydney

You've found the witness package because you want to witness the true power of organic SEO.  Your Sydney SEO will benefit from The Witness SEO package. The witness SEO harnesses the true power of original content, intensive keyword research and some hard work combined with patience. Parramatta SEO only takes into account white hat SEO practice and Google's Sydney Search Engine Optimization Guidelines. By purchasing the best SEO services in Sydney you are well on your way to a first page ranking.

The Witness SEO Package Process


The witness package offers to SEO, everything that you would expect.  We focus on building relevant content on your website that will assist you in gaining traction within your keyword rankings and social media metrics. By building your content you should receive and increase in website traffic to your website.

By having 20 articles, 20,000 words added to your website per month will do wonders for your rankings and website traffic metrics. By adding that level of content to your website per month triggers googles authority metrics to reclassify your website.

Google loves content that is why spiders are triggered to crawl your website based on your level of content and blog posts. The most posts and content you have the more google will crawl your website.


Having built your content base on a monthly basis, I will create 15 authoritative back links to your website every month. building on your word count and organically building authoritative 15 back links every month will increase the authority and trust of your website.

Social Media Content:

My content will have viral elements which is adaptive across medias. I will write an article which is optimized for social media:

  • Catchy headline
  • Quick eye grabbing facts
  • Relevant stock images
  • Outbound links to strong sources
  • Can include a call to action.

Your business needs Sydney Seo Services to boost it's social media presence. This will boost your website traffic and social media presence. The more website traffic you have the more chance you have to convert.

Rich Media

I will create 2 x  30 second infographic video, with a transcription file. Which should be uploaded directly to your website and shared on twitter. Videos are fantastic for SEO as they allow you to build up your video-sitemap.xml profile. Video sitemap profiles are underrated and should always be taken advantage of if you have the resources to.

The witness SEO package allows you to unleash the power of SEO by:

  • Intensive keyword research and analysis which will allow you to target up to 30 keywords per month.
  • Get up to 20 well researched and unique articles for your website, 1000 words each which use your 30 targeted key words. That's 20,000 words per month.
  • Get 20 original images that are relevant to your business per month with optimized alt tags and meta data which target your keywords.  Your images will have long-tail keywords attached to them.
  • Your social signals will need a boost, get more social media engagement with post that has viral content.
  • Your website will be optimized by using structured data as per guidelines.