The Apprentice

We've bragged about our package so here it is.


The apprentice package offers a lot in terms of content. It gives you 10 posts per month of up to 1000 words each, with up to two keywords per article including a related image for your article with relevant alt-tags.


Authority online is another term for credibility. This package offers you credibility. I will find 5 credible back-links to your articles every month, in order to increase the authority of your website.

Social Media Activity:

My content will have viral elements which is adaptive across medias. I will write an article which is optimized for social media:

  • Catchy headline
  • Quick eye grabbing facts
  • Relevant stock images
  • Outbound links to strong sources
  • Can include a call to action.

Rich Media:

I will create an 30 second infographic video, with a transcription file. Which should be uploaded directly to your website and shared on twitter. Videos are fantastic for SEO as they allow you to build up your video-sitemap.xml.

Because my goal is to assist businesses within Parramatta for their marketing, the prices reflect the climate of that.

I deliver a quality service and will never increase my prices if I can help it. This is to make sure that businesses in Parramatta have a benchmark to compare their different Parramatta SEO agencies.





Parramatta SEO Agency

Introductory offer of $500

This offer won't last long. Imagine the success you will have.

10,000 words. 20 Keywords with 10 additional Long tail keywords attached to your images.

Just as you've guessed, the value doesn't stop there. It just keeps going. Can you imagine getting 5, that's right FIVE additional keywords per month linking back to these quality articles?

These are not your ordinary back-links either, these are authoritative sources.

Then imagine further, you wanted to boost your traffic through social media. I've got you covered.

I will design an article of your choice to gain the attention of your target group and  the content will be do all the work for you.

The value doesn't stop there either. The apprentice is eager to please and doesn't stop.

You infographic video will be professional and command the attention of your onsite visitors.

The longer they spend on your website, the more google will assume that people enjoy your content.

Keyword Research: 30 Keywords

Articles: 10,000 words

Images: 10 Images with alt-tags

Social Media: Engaging Social Media Post

Infographic: Video related to your topic with transcription.


$500. Money well spent.


Redeem your offer now!

Yes. I want the apprentice for $500 per month.

No lock-in contracts. Terms and Conditions apply.