First post

What can I say, it’s been a while.

The goals of this blog

My goal is to educate the philistines of the internet. The people who want to learn how to use digital marketing as a sales tool, instead of a weapon to their competitors. I do realize i just explained my ideal customer instead of outlining the goals of his blog. lol.

I’ve redone the hosting again for Parramatta SEO because in 2017 I was getting way to busy with some of the work i was getting. I never had a chance to set up my google reviews page, I will be in touch with those clients again, once my google reviews page is up to ask them complete those reviews.

I know for a lot of the people reading through the website there are going to be so many questions. Let me be the first SEO guy to tell you the truth, I may not be able to answer all of your questions. Although, i will try to.

I want you to learn about SEO

I want you to learn about the effects SEO has on the future of marketing and how SEO guys like me work with businesses to write the best content for them and their customers. A lot of business owners have the attitude of “I pay you, you do as i tell you” when in reality the SEO industry doesn’t work like that.

Your dealing with multinationals who own the internet. They make the rules. They can throw the book at you overnight and decide to de-list your business. If you are not on the internet, you might as well not exist. I have see people lose their lively hoods by using dodgy third party services. Don’t do it. It does happen.

You’ve got to understand that because your customers pay you, I am paid by your customers. I am paid to do the best job that I can do for them. This means by writing the best content: this means by quality, readability, relevance and SEO.

The Parramatta SEO difference

So, as you have been reading above, you can see that I have a lot of personal rules about how I run my service. It’s actually really straight forward though: We can work together, as long as you agree that my advice is sound. Your best interests will always be in the forefront of my mind provided my financial issues are in the back (please pay me on time and we will be best friends).

The Parramatta SEO process

The process is really, really simple because most of my work and time is actually accounted for. You’ll have no doubt that the work is getting done. We will meet and check in with each other once every 3 weeks to ensure that we are on the same page with regards to your SEO strategies and goals.

I run a services based business, how will schema work? is an organization that aims to unify the understanding of how search engines categorize businesses on the internet. If you are an accounting firm as an example, Schema code can help you by:

  • Outlining the service you offer
  • How your customers rate the service
  • Where you are conducting there service

As you can see it does seem straight forward. However, the complexity is in the trouble shooting because some websites are less-friendly with Schema code. All websites can have forced Schema code within it.

How does SEO in Parramatta benefit from Google Structured Data Technology?

Your business can benefit from Google Structured Data Technology  as it highlights the information that googles users are likely to need above others. The technology is free itself, but experts like me charge to implement it due to the complexity of the task and the time it takes.

I offer these services unlike my competitors because it gets results. Most businesses will not need year long SEO campaigns if their SEO is done right in the first place. Major changes in Search Engine Policy only effect the major businesses but you should monitor your keywords just in case you notice any changes for yourself.

Do you offer a first page guarantee?

No. Here’s why:

  • I don’t know if the SEO predecessor provided you with any dodgy SEO services.
  • You probably wouldn’t tell me if they did because you may not know.
  • I don’t know the quality of your domain name.
  • I don’t know the quality of the Java, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap4 code that has been used to write your site with.

No SEO in Parramatta can guarantee results without telling fibs. Sorry.




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