Do not trust cheap SEO

You should not trust cheap SEO agencies


You have heard the saying “you get what you pay for”, when it comes to SEO and LSI this is most certainly true. When you choose someone who is considerably cheap you are risking them skimping on time and quality of your content and back links.Every website needs a Strategy for it’s passive marketing, planning and consistent quality when it comes to reaching your search engine ranking.

You may have read my previous post about SEO requiring good on page and off page methods and quality control. You need to use the proper SEO tools to get the job done. Google is a well known resource for finding many of these tools- I recommend Scrapebox and Serpfox. You should not trust cheap SEO agencies because they lack training, methods and proper marketing skills they need to research your website and get the job done.


Every SEO agency should have a number of things;

A SEO specialist

An SEO specialist is typically a trustworthy individual whom can be counted on for their knowledge of search engine optimization, search engine algorithm and content building tactics. They know the game, they built it- wrote books on it, developed it and built many of the Search engine indexes we search today.

A good LSI strategy

Every SEO Strategy needs to be built, planned and calculated; a website needs to be scanned for keywords, content needs to be built based on your website niche and back-links need to be distributed based on relevant and content rich websites. There is a lot of work and planning that is involved and the process should be respected for what is it.

Strong knowledge of LSI and research skills

Ideally, your SEO agency should have decent research skills and be able to hold a conversation with a number of strangers, develop Latant Semantic Indexed keywords that will reinforce the relevance of your content. You back-links will be invincible and will grow in power over time.


Software knowledge to master SEO and LSI tools

They need to know how to use professional software and tools, are at least be able to learn- fast. Some of these tools will decipher thousands of search results- spitting our links with hundreds- thousands of keywords. Your SEO agency will have the knowledge they need to get you the results, quickly and professionally.

Be able to learn more and train others in SEO

You can always understand the multitude of someones knowledge when they can teach others abilities, write about it and understand what they-themselves are saying about the topic. Always gauge and interact with customers and inspire customers to confide their interests in them.


Demonstrate the basics of SEO and how it works to customers

As above a SEO specialist needs to be able to demonstrate what SEO, LSI and PPC is; and demonstrate why you need it. SEO is compulsory like an email address. It’s 2016- you need SEO.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of SEO and PPC

A specialist will understand that PPC is temporary while good SEO is permanent, resilient and works out cheaper in the long run; never underestimate the power of good back linking.

Market content and keywords for multiple search engines (Bing, Yahoo and Google)

Different search engines use different algorithms; they may be similar, however they are different in many ways. A good SEO specialist will have a handle and knowledge of multiple search engines and leverage the results from both to unleash the full potential of your website.


Offer content with accurate and reliable translations

They should have access to multiple translation software and have employees that speak and write multiple languages, choose and agency that has employee diversity and encourages criticism, multiple language content- always push for results.

Become an authority on content (in a particular area) in a matter of hours

A good SEO specialist knows where to find valuable information, decipher the important points and understand that ever customer is valued and the content that is written needs to be accurate, concise and be persuasive.

Know how to execute keywords in a SEO process

A good SEO agency will have specialists that understand that saturating content with keywords will online slow down and hurt the end game- strong ranking; they will take every effort to get you the best results.

Don’t get the bad apple- Trust us instead.

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