Here is what I do differently

I am a white hat SEO, this means I:

  • I spend alot of time writing quality content, writing guest posts, transforming your social media; and
  • I get a lot of organic and natural backlinks for your website, regardless of DA or PA, organic backlinks do wonders for your website (the all-mighty google can tell); and
  • I audit your sight before I do a new campaign; and
  • You'd be surprised how much your performance can be improved by fixing your website link-structure.


Why I do what I do

I personally feel as though most businesses are getting ripped off. SEO is a digital marketing strategy which means you need to be digitally savvy to actually understand what is happening to your website. I started to offer SEO in Parramatta because I wanted to show the market how it can be done, better than the competition.

Customer service is not about doing something wrong and apologizing- It's about under promising and under delivering. I have know of more horror stories regarding the mismanagement peoples online presence, it's enough to give you a panic attack.

It's nice to meet you.

There is a picture of a dog here. This dog, is my spirit animal. Literally, this dog reflects who I am on the inside.

Parramatta SEO Portrait

Jonathon Devitt

Jonathon Devitt is the Parramatta SEO. Don't judge me for staying safe online.

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