The Apprentice

The Apprentice package is only for the savviest, most ambitious of customers who are brave enough to give their current SEO the sack. I encourage you to look around and compare the services which you are getting. Sack your current Lazy SEO and hire the technically minded Parramatta SEO guy that just happens to have a sense of humor.

You'll know if my Parramatta SEO services are for you because you will see a difference in traffic to your website, user participation and have a better website to sales conversion ratio.

How can this be done you ask?

Well, this is why you are The Apprentice and I am the teacher.

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The Witness

The Witness package. Boy oh' boy you are in for a treat. This package is for people whom have only heard stories of such SEO performance and are prepared to witness the energy gathered within. This is why Parramatta SEO is a game changer. We create happy customers, we created The Witness package to allow only the most worthy (cashed up) participants to spread the word of mouth of all that is great (my SEO services).

The Witness package will do for your websites performance just as much as it will hurt your wallet. Your performance will become a luxury that you will not let go of easily.

This is why I am the Teacher and you are The Witness.

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The Governer

It's 1859 (in London) and you've been made The Governor and I am your loyal (paid) subject. This package will well and truly make you feel like one. The Governor package is designed to give the bigger customers, a specialized and tailored service, that would make them feel comfortable to contact me and ask as many questions as they need.

This package has been created by me; the Parramatta SEO in anticipation of the rapidly changing needs of the Parramatta CBD. Parramatta is going through exponential growth, it only makes sense to address that change in the market with an exponential SEO provider.

Make me Govenor!

The Parramatta SEO Ethos

I've authored several websites and always sought outside help.

Never again!

I vowed to learn SEO and get the results i needed for myself.

Never again!

SO, what was your journey?

Learning SEO was like trying to learn a language from staring at a wall. It's impossible. I had to set up websites myself from a variety of industries, test all the of the wild and wacky theories out there.

Google, is so perfectionist and obsessive: every website is categorized by name, location, zip code, business hours, industry, customer feedback and above else- internet presence.

Okay, Parramatta SEO, how did you learn?

The best way how. I watched other people fail. I saw what they did wrong, how they did it and practiced those improvements on my own websites and reaped the benefits.

To be fair, i do have an imagination. In school, I was always thinking about everything else. It wasn't until I got into university where I learned how to write without thinking is where my success in Parramatta SEO came about.

I am a fantastic writer, I can write for hours without stopping. I am efficient, creative and my jokes translate well on paper. I am a successful SEO because I am never bored and I am not afraid of learning new trades in order to write about them.

Okay, so, your basically a writer?

Yes,  A technically minded writer. Actually no. I understand a variety of the theories that my competitors use. They aren't sustainable and are doing more long term damage to your web presence than what you think. I recommend you call me for a free 20 minute consultation.

This website, even if you choose not to become a customer, will have a lot of valuable information on it. I will encourage you to participate in my community and create an account with my website. This will allow me to share this information with you, without fear that my competition is going to take advantage of the information.


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